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Folding instructions

Step 1

Put the unfolded quillo on a flat surface with the pocket facing the flat surface. 

Step 2

Fold one side towards the centre along the stitching line at the side of the pocket. Pocket edge aligns with fold. 

Step 3

Fold the other side towards the centre along the stitching line at the other side of the pocket side of the pocket. At this point the folded quillo is the same width as the pocket.

Step 5

Fold the bottom to the top again. at this point the quillo is the same width and length as the pocket

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Step 4

Step 4

Fold the bottom (non pocket end) to the top (pocket end).

Step 6

Put your hand through the pocket opening and firmly grasp all layers at the top. Pull your hand back out through the opening bringing all layers through and in so doing the pocket turns inside out revealing the front of the cushion. Arrange corners as needed.


Unfolding for a baby

Start with the fully folded quillo

Put your hand inside the opening and pull the folded quilt that is inside out through the opening so all the folded part is out leaving just the folded part that is the same size as the pocket

Unfold  the extended part over and back behind the pocket. Place the baby in the pocket so the unfolded part provides support and warmth for the baby. 

Lift baby and quillo into travelling device and adjust so baby is comfortable.

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